THUMP the Orange Gorilla…

…is an illustrated children’s picture book where the politicians are animals at the Big World Zoo!

With colourful illustrations, fun animal characters and bags of humour…It’s guaranteed to get some giggles from kids and parents!

Providing a comedic overview of some of Trump’s finest moments, and a satirical view on global politics. As much for the parents “kidults” who will get the subtle references as the kids themselves who will enjoy the fun and comedic story. The book aims to provide commentary on the sorry state of international relations whilst also getting a good giggle for you and your kids!

Big World Zoo Logo

The Story…

The story is set in “the Big World Zoo”, where people go to oggle at the political and public figures who are characterised as animals, including;

THUMP! the Orange Gorilla

Putin the Beastly Russian Bear

Kim the Korean Wild Boar

The story revolves around a key event, the wedding between the “King of the Zoo”; Harry the Lion, and Meghan the Leopard. THUMP! The Orange Gorilla is of course desperate for an invite to the prestigious event, but becomes outraged when it is decided that the event will be attended only by the human visitors to the zoo… the Orange Gorilla goes on a rampage and tries to ruin the occasion – But can he be stopped by the zoo keepers and the day saved?

Big World Zoo Wedding

£1,984 was raised on Crowdfunder to print and distribute the books

Backers pledged for their own signed copies of the books, which should arrive before the POTUS visits the UK on 13th July.

Five thousand of the books were ordered and they will be given out to people attending the anti trump march in London.

Thump Veggie BurgerThump Looked Up

About Madeleine Kay

Madeleina Kay is a 24-year-old writer, illustrator, singer and political activist from Sheffield. Known more famously as #EUsupergirl she is passionately pro-European about devotes her time to campaigning to Remain.

She has made regular media appearance since the start of her campaign, being interviewed on the Sky Islam TV Channel, BBC Daily Politics, BBC Sunday Politics, BBC Radio 4, Reuters as well as receiving foreign media coverage, including France Inter and Euronews. Photos and articles about her campaign have been published in local newspapers, the Evening Standard, the Guardian, the Independent, the Telegraph, Paris Match, French Grazia, la Croix and other foreign language publications. She has also appeared on Panel debates for Channel 4 News and BBC Radio 4 Any Questions.

Madeleina’s approach to campaigning is uniquely creative; she writes and illustrates books, creates graphic content and illustrations for campaigns, records vlogs, writes articles and protest songs which she performs at rallies and events across the UK, including Newcastle, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Nottingham, Bournemouth, Brighton, Bath and London. Most recently she performed at the opening of the “Right to Vote” exhibition at the National Justice Museum. Madeleina crowdfunds all of her campaign projects, including her 4 self published books, one of which was sold in aid of the refugee movement raising £1800 for the City of Sanctuary.

Last year she organised the “Letters to Europe” project where she collected 1000 letters from British Remain campaigners written to their European friends with a message of solidarity, friendship and hope for our future in the EU. These letters were hand delivered to European citizens in Brussels and Guy Verhofstadt at the European Parliament. Usually sporting one of several colourful costumes and accompanied by her trusty sidekick “Alba White Wolf”, Madeleina’s activism is colourful and attention grabbing, described as “Project Fun not Project Fear”, aiming to engage people disaffected with politics and create a positive narrative about the European Union.

She has recently been filmed by the BBC for a website mini documentary: The activists who are still fighting Brexit – BBC News

She is Young European of the Year 2018

Facebook: www.facebook.com/MadeleinaKay
Twitter: @MadeleinaKay
Website: www.madeleinakay.com